Contains classes related to the JavaGear project.


Class Summary
Accumulator Zilog Z80 CPU accumulator register emulation.
Controllers Emulates SMS/GG controllers.
Debug JavaGear debug frame.
DebugInst JavaGear Debugger.
EmulateLoop Ties JavaGear's components together.
FastImage FastImage implements ImageProducer and is used to reconstruct the image whenever it is needed.
Flag Zilog Z80 CPU flag emulation.
GGFilter JavaGear File Filters (Code from "Core Java Volume #1").
InterruptLine Virtual Z80 interrupt line.
JavaGear JavaGear application.
JavaGearApplet JavaGear Applet user interface.
JavaGearFrame JavaGear application user interface.
KeyConfig Create the panel to define controller configuration.
KeyFrame Create the frame to define controller configuration.
Memory Emulates SMS/GG Memory and Paging Hardware.
Mnemonic Z80 opcode mnemonics.
NoiseGenerator Texas SN76496 noise generator emulation.
Ports A class to attach virtual devices to the Z80's ports.
Refresh Zilog Z80 CPU refresh register emulation.
Registers Zilog Z80 CPU BC, DE, HL, IX, IY register pair emulation.
RomFilter JavaGear File Filters (Code from "Core Java Volume #1").
Screen Component to draw the emulated display.
Setup Global system settings.
SMSFilter JavaGear File Filters (Code from "Core Java Volume #1").
SN76496 Texas SN76496 Emulation.
Throttle Provides the speed throttling functionality based on System.currentTimeMillis() and Thread.sleep().
ToneGenerator Texas SN76496 Tone Generator Emulation.
Vdp SMS and GG VDP Emulation.
VdpDebugFrame Extract debug information from VDP.
Z80 Zilog Z80 CPU Emulation.
For generic Z80 use the following need to be implemented correctly: + Interrupt Modes 0 and 2 + Certain undocumented opcodes + Make stack pointer wrap properly

Enum Summary
Setup.System The different kinds of systems for which ROMs can be read.

Package Description

Contains classes related to the JavaGear project.

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